Frjó Umbúðasalan ehf. has been awarded The strongest in Iceland 2015 and contributes to the future of the Icelandic economy.

Ongly those companies that fulfill the requirements set by Creditinfo qualify as one of Iceland´s strogest.

Frjó Umbúðasalan ehf. is amongst 1,9% of Icelandic companies that have met the requirements.
Frjó was originally established in 1991 by a few employees at a sales company called Sölufélag garðyrkjumanna (The Horticulturists’ Sales Company). The purpose was to manage import of products for gardeners and run a store with holticultures products. At that time, the name of the company was Frjó verslun garðyrkjumannsins ehf. No bigger changes had occurred in the running of the company until 2004, when the sales company together with several gardeners purchased it. After that, the store was closed and the company‘s activity was mainly concentrated upon wholesale. Recently, Frjó was incorporated into its associate company Quatro, which specializes in import of food packaging and relevant mechanical equipment. Almost immediately the company was renamed as Frjó Quatro. Nowadays, the company is operated by 9 employees who are highly competent in the area of agriculture, horticulture, fishing industry and food production. The Frjó Quatro is constantly growing, the variety of its products is becoming significantly wider and the range of its customers is varied.

The Frjó Quatro‘s activity may be divided into four main areas: packaging, machines and mechanical equipment, agricultural products and, last but not least, various counselling and maintenance services.